Securities of start-ups, such as those offered through Synda Ventures, are considered to be very risky and highly volatile investments. Issuers are not subject to the same ongoing disclosure obligations as reporting issuers. Statistics show that a high percentage of start-ups and early-stage businesses fail. By investing in start-ups, you risk losing the entire amount paid for your investment. You may not earn any income, such as dividends or interest, from the investment. You may never be able to sell the securities. You may not be provided with any ongoing information about the issuer and the investment. Investments offered have not been reviewed or approved in any way by any securities regulator. You will not have the same legal rights as an investor investing pursuant to a prospectus or stock exchange. Using borrowed money to purchase securities involves greater risk. By accessing Synda Ventures, its products and services, you consent to, and agree to be bound by Synda Ventures’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Synda Ventures is a Start-up Crowdfunding portal and is not registered under Canadian securities legislation. Synda Ventures does not provide advice as to the suitability or the merits of any investment and does not provide advice concerning investment, financial, legal, accounting or tax implications of investments offered through Synda Ventures.

Synda Ventures is an unregistered Start-up Crowdfunding Portal pursuant to the Multilateral Canadian Securities Administrators Notice 45-316 – Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions, in the province of British Columbia (BC Instrument 45-535). The information in these Terms & Conditions describes the legal and regulatory restrictions relating to Synda Ventures’s operations.

Products, services and information provided by Synda Ventures shall not be considered an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any securities. Only qualified purchasers of securities under applicable provincial Crowdfunding exemptions may make offers to purchase securities of a Crowdfunder pursuant to the Crowdfunder’s Offering Document and upon receiving and acknowledging such Offering Document and accompanying Risk Acknowledgement Form. Only qualified companies may offer securities as a Crowdfunder through Synda Ventures. Crowdfunders on Synda Ventures must be exempt from prospectus requirements through their respective provincial securities regulator’s crowdfunding prospectus exemption. Synda Ventures will employ reasonable and commercially appropriate measures to satisfy itself of the eligibility of Crowdfunders and investors but makes neither representations nor guarantees with regard to the eligibility of either. The information provided by Synda Ventures is for information purposes only and may not be complete. No information provided by Synda Ventures shall be relied upon by a purchaser in determining the suitability of a particular investment with regard to, including but not limiting, any financial, legal, or tax implications of said investment.

Synda Ventures does not operate nor provide services to Crowdfunders and investors in the United States of America. No products, services nor information provided by Synda Ventures is intended nor shall constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase securities to any individual or person in the United States of America as contemplated by the federal and state laws of the United States of America.

Synda Ventures is operated by Synda Ventures Ltd., a British Columbia corporation. Synda Ventures Ltd. and its principals, employees, and agents are not registered dealers under Canadian securities legislation and cannot provide any advice about the suitability or the merits of any investment offered by a Crowdfunder through Synda Ventures.

Intellectual Property
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